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Those who enter psychotherapy most often are seeking to alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety. Seeking symptom relief may be the most immediate concern, but in addition there may be issues related to past trauma, obsessive compulsive behaviors, panic, grief and loss, intimate relationship conflicts, low self-esteem, medical issues and recently a high incidence of vocational stress.

The question of technique is often raised, given the range of issues for which one may seek therapy. I believe that an individual approach is essential. A key element in treatment is a mutually respectful relationship with the therapist where trust is present, as well as a belief in the potential to grow and to bring about change. As an experienced practitioner I take the needs of each person into consideration when doing the work of therapy. Techniques include cognitive and psychodynamic psychotherapy. Both individual and group therapy are available.

About Group Therapy:
spring The group experience unfolds in an atmosphere where one can gradually take risks with others to be their "real selves," that is, speaking one's thoughts and sharing feelings. In a group you will learn about yourself and your relationship with others through direct experience. Progressive communication is what group is about.


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