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Debra Welcome!

Finding the right therapist may appear to be a daunting challenge. I suggest that meeting in person is the best place to start. My home office in Princeton is a warm welcoming space that offers privacy and comfort to help with the need for a safe place to begin the work of psychotherapy. I have been a practitioner for over 25 years with extensive professional training that enables me to do this work with confidence and assurance

What brings individuals to seek therapy may be relief from depression, anxiety or a range of psychiatric disorders. Others may report "just feeling bad" about their lives, due to unsatisfying personal relationships, difficulties in the work place or an inability to find creative outlets and may not be experiencing any symptoms. The question then is, "what can psychotherapy do for me?"

I will work with each person to help gain an understanding of themselves: where I am, how did I get here and where do I want to go? What is unique about a relationship with a psychotherapist is that one has the opportunity to process life experiences as well as replace old, familiar patterns of living that are preventing us from achieving what we want in life.


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Debra Lambo      Princeton NJ      (609) 252 1142